Brian Ború’s Wild and Wonderful Art Adventure

Saturday 10th July - 12:00 am Killaloe

Each Clan (family/small group under 6) completes an adventure across the festival weekend using our downloadable trail map. First, the art adventure takes Clans to several heritage locations in Killaloe and Ballina. Then, compete with rival clans for the title of Wild Clan by taking Clan Selfies at the magical locations on our downloadable and printable trail map.

Brian Boru Downloadable Trail Map and Adventure (we suggest printing this double-sided and in full colour)

Download Brian Ború Colouring Page

Colouring Competition:

Colour in the picture of Brian Ború and be as creative as you want to be. Please send it back to before 6pm on Sunday, July 11th. 


Get creative in any way you choose, build a fort, sing a song or have a battle! Pick one of the locations on the downloadable and printable trail map and send us a picture or video of your epic adventure to before 6pm on Sunday, July 11th.


If you attend any of our art workshops on Saturday, be sure to photograph your artwork at any of the magical locations on our trail map. Email your picture or video to 

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