The Boys and Girl from County Clare

Friday 6th July - 7:30 pm Killaloe Library

The Killaloe Library Film Club will be showing this musical comedy drama set in mid-1960s Ireland and tells the story of bachelor and solitary farmer John Joe MacMahon who, with his local céilí band, has won the All-Ireland Traditional Music Competition for two years running. He has every intention of making it a hat trick, but there are worrying rumours about a céilí band from Liverpool that are also competing – especially as John Joe has a suspicion that they are headed by his good-for-nothing long lost brother Jimmy.

Directed by John Irvin, starring Colm Meaney, Bernard Hill, Andrea Corr, Shaun Evans and Charlotte Bradley. Running Time: 1h 34m.

Admission free and all are welcome.

Co-ordinated by Killaloe Library

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