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Car Parking in Ballina and Killaloe

There are plenty of areas to park your car in Ballina and Killaloe. We would recommend to avoid sitting in traffic not to cross the bridge if you can help it. That is if you come to us to Ballina first Park in Ballina, if you come to Killaloe first park in Killaloe. We want you to spend your time enjoying yourself.


1. Children’s Playground Ballina

As you enter the village of Ballina (with the river Shannon on your left hand side) there is a car park by the Children’s Playground and Swimming Pool.
This is the most convenient Car Park as you can walk easily to the village, it is free to park and you will avoid any congestion in the village.

2. On Street Parking

There are plenty of car parking spaces available on the streets. We would kindly ask that you do not block peoples drive ways and do not double park.

3. Outside Ballina National School

There is again limited parking spaces outside the national School within walking distance to all the festivities

4. Ballina GAA Ground

There is a small Car Park in the GAA that will be available on the day. Again this is a few minutes walk to where all the festivities are.

5. Ballina Quay

There is parking along the quay for a limited number of cars.


1. Convent Hill Shopping Centre

Convent Hill Shopping Centre has a large car park and is situated at the top of Killaloe within minutes walk of all the festivities.

2. Smith O’Brien GAA

There is parking further out from Killaloe outside the GAA Club – still within 5 to 10 minutes walk from all the festivites

3. Killaloe Tennis Courts and Children’s Playground

4. The Green – Killaloe

The Green Killaloe is in the centre of Killaloe and will have limited car parking places.




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